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Helen's Yorkshire Pudding

You can't beat a good old Yorkshire pudding to have with your roast dinner. My Yorkshire's are quick and easy, as well as being incredibly tasty!


Equal Measures of:

Plain Flour



With a pinch of salt


1. Mix all of your ingredients in a bowl together.

2. Pre-heat oven to gas mark 7 or 220C electric.

3. Place the mix into the fridge until cold (colder the better).

4. Heat a small amount of oil (either sunflower or vegetable), on a Yorkshire tray or (as I do) on a cake dish. Heat until piping hot.

5. Stir mixture and add to tray. Place in the middle of the pre-heated oven.

6. Don't open your oven for 20 minutes then check if they're ready.

7. Serve with a Woods Butchers joint (Surrey Farm Beef/Local Free Range Pork/Local New Season Lamb/Large Chicken)

Enjoy guys, send pictures of your Wood Butchers Sunday meals to our Facebook page and be sure to include your Yorkshire Pudding attempts.

Helen x

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